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Reflex is the official supplier of fire extinguishers to a leading German Company, which distributes to a chain of department stores. The Company has requested powder extinguishers (1kg) being able to extinguish fire from solid, liquid and gaseous fuel.

1kg powder extinguisher is one of the best selling products of Reflex’s catalogue, in Italy and abroad (especially in France and Germany), because of its particular peculiarities. Nowadays, the fire extinguishers being mostly used are the ‘phial extinguishers’, but they cannot be recycled; unlike them, Reflex’s fire extinguishers are pressurized and can easily be refilled after being used. Moreover, Reflex’s 1kg fire extinguisher has an extinguishing capacity being almost twice the minimum required capacity.

The German Company, which takes a particular care of the quality of the products and carries out a strict control to meet its customers’ needs in the best way, has started a co-operataion relationship with Reflex. Reflex’s powder extinguishers (being certified according to EN 3-7 and RINA) are exclusively made in Europe and this means high quality and strict control.

For further information visit 1 kg Fire Extinguisher produced by Reflex